Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Electronics Technician (4 openings)

Job Desc ID : 809
Job Class : Manufacturing
Reports To : Kent Farguson
Position Focus and Scope
Builds and tests operability of electronic systems and components. Troubleshoots and repairs malfunctioning circuits. Services or calibrates electronic test equipment or electronic control systems.
General Job Description
Builds and tests operability of electronic systems and components. Troubleshoots and repairs malfunctioning circuits. Services or calibrates electronic test equipment or electronic control systems.

Level Responsibilities
Operates under minimal supervision. Relies on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish assigned objectives.
Work results and decisions have significant impact on the work group.
Typically requires two or more years of formal training or equivalent and significant related work experience.
Applies expertise in a technical or administrative specialty.
Assignments reflect substantial variety and complexity; may be longer-term in nature.
Decision making involves gathering, organizing and analyzing information and using judgment to select the most appropriate approach from a range of alternatives.
May operate in a formal lead capacity, providing work direction and review for other employees.

Minimum Education and Experience Required
High School with 7 years general, 4 years specific experience; or 2 years college (Associate Degree) with 3 years specific experience
Preferred Type of Education and Experience
Degree in electronics / electrical field and two (2) years related work experience.
Skills Needed
Ability to diagnose and repair electronic equipment. Ability to interpret electrical drawings and schematics, and ladder diagrams. Communication, organizational and planning skills.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Optical Engineer - Dow Corning

I am a recruiter at Dow Corning Corporation in Midland, MI. I am currently doing a search for an Optical Engineer, but I am having trouble finding qualified candidates for this position. Since you are an expert in this field, I was hoping you could give me some references or some ideas on where to find quality candidates for this role.

The position is in our Business and Technology Incubator group. They are seeking an optical engineer to lead proof-of-concept prototyping and characterization of LED-based lighting using next generation Si-based optical materials. The successful candidate will deliver full device understanding and prototyping capability from LED chip to luminaire, linking system needs to material requirements. Core responsibilities include selecting/producing optical designs, process development, prototype assembly and optical and electrical characterization. In addition, the candidate will participate in external conversations aimed at developing collaborative solutions using the technologies developed. The candidate in this role will work with a diverse team of scientists, engineers, industrial designers, strategic marketing and business development professionals.

We are looking for someone with a Bachelor of Science with three years minimum experience in optics, or a Masters in EE, ME or Physics with a concentration in optics or illumination engineering is required. If you have any suggestions for my search or know of anyone in the industry that would fit this description, please let me know. Your help is greatly appreciated!

http://careers.peopleclick.com/careerscp/client_dowcorning/external/jobDetails.do?functionName=getJobDetail&jobPostId=312&localeCode=en-us – Optical Engineer (LED Design)

http://careers.peopleclick.com/careerscp/client_dowcorning/external/jobDetails.do?functionName=getJobDetail&jobPostId=390&localeCode=en-us – Optical Engineer (Materials)

http://careers.peopleclick.com/careerscp/client_dowcorning/external/jobDetails.do?functionName=getJobDetail&jobPostId=389&localeCode=en-us – LED Packaging Engineer

Best regards,

Brandon SwingleRecruiting SourcerDow Corning CorporationOffice: (989) 496-6281
Cell: (989) 878-2269 (feel free to text/SMS)Email: brandon.swingle@dowcorning.com

Monday, October 31, 2011

Assistant Professor

Applications are invited for a tenure-track position in Electrical Engineering at the rank of Assistant Professor beginning in Fall 2012 at the University of Rhode Island. More information is available at https://jobs.uri.edu/applicants/jsp/shared/position/JobDetails_css.jsp?postingId=141702

Substation Operations Group - Entergy

Entergy (Little Rock, AR) has a job opening for Substation Operations group in Little Rock. If you are graduating in December 2011 or May 2012, please, let Dr. Juan Balda know if you are interested. Send him your current resume having your current GPA. jbalda@uark.edu

Electrical Engineer - GarverUSA

As the proud employer of more than 70 University of Arkansas engineering graduates, Garver is excited to announce an upcoming electrical position with our aviation team in our Fayetteville office for a new graduate. We hope you will share this position with your top December 2011 and May 2012 graduates.

Garver has nearly 60 years of airport design, planning, and construction administration experience with $300 million in current or completed construction projects designed over the past 10 years. Recent experience includes providing design and engineering services for eight new airports across the south. We look forward to adding a new team member to our aviation team of 50.

An ENR Top 500 design firm, Garver has served Arkansas since 1919. We are pleased to have our President/CEO, William Brock Johnson, on the University of Arkansas College of Engineering’s Dean’s Advisory Council and be committed to supporting the future of the engineering industry.
Job details attached. Please refer your contacts to University of Arkansas graduate and Aviation Project Manager Bart Gilbreath, PE at WBGilbreath@garverusa.com, or feel free to contact me. Thank you!

Laura NickCorporate RecruiterOffice: 501-376-3633Direct: 501-537-3298E-mail: LENick@GarverUSA.com

Monday, June 20, 2011

Engineer - Substation


Corporate Duties and Responsibilities: Engineer
Engineer – Substation
This individual is required to support our budgeted workload of blanket capital (small projects less than $250,000) projects plus respond to emergency needs in our Transmission/Substation department for the state of Arkansas such as storm damage or equipment failures or facilities needs. This will include field design, material acquisition, contractor or craft oversight of construction, coordination with support organizations such as distribution design, system operations center, transmission design, standards, purchasing or customer support groups. This is a wide ranging responsibility with a varying work requirement based on system needs. This position will be on call for emergency and storm response so should be able to respond on a short notice, able to drive, with no hearing, sight or mobility issues that would prevent travel to remote sites, hearing emergency response commands and seeing dangerous situations.
This individual will be responsible for Compliance and Configuration Management Governance Processes, environmental compliance, budgeting as well as proactive work on future job pre-scoping activities including site visits, creation of pre work design packages including complete drawing packages to be routed for design approval and scheduling with a full scale project management effort in addition to special programs and needs as they arise. This hire would also provide some much needed continuation of the engineering role in anticipation of retirement of the current staff.
This individual needs to be a self starting highly motivated person able to work alone or in groups and wanting to learn new ideas and able to interact with varied groups with ease.
This position would initially be through a contracted role. If the candidate is successful in this role it is anticipated the person would be a prime candidate for formal employment with Entergy when this position opens as a permanent position.

Please contact Dr. Juan Balda, jbalda@uark.edu or Dr. Alan Mantooth, mantooth@uark.edu if you are interested in this opportunity.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Assistant Process Controls Engineer

There is an immediate opening for an Assistant Process Controls Engineer in the Environment & Power Supply Department of AECC/AECI. Applications will be accepted from interested employees and others who meet the minimum qualifications. Applications may be turned in to Human Resources until final interviews. (Posted 3-21-2011).

JOB TITLE: Assistant Process Controls Engineer
Department: Environment & Power Supply
Division: EC&O

Position Summary:
To provide the initiative, technical ability, and responsibility required to give AECC a well designed, soundly constructed, and reliably and correctly operated generation system.

Reporting Relationships:
A. Reports to: Senior Process Systems Engineer
B. Supervises: None

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Works on design, programming, installation, and start-up of process control systems for AECC power plants

  • Designs, procures, and develops hardware and software for new and replacement plant process control equipment as directed by the Senior Process Systems Engineer.

  • Consults and provides assistance on maintenance, troubleshooting, and operations of plant instrumentation and control systems and other matters relating to this area of responsibility.

  • Assists in budget preparation and in the research for and writing of technical reports.

  • Advises other AECC staff members, power plant superintendents, AECI personnel, and member cooperatives' personnel upon request of facts relating to this area of responsibility and assists them in the performance of their duties as needed as directed by the Senior Process Systems Engineer.

  • Solicits assistance of other staff members to perform all work within their capability.

  • Maintains contact with personnel of like responsibility in other power supply systems to exchange technical information and to cooperate in projects of mutual interest.

  • Keeps abreast of related current scientific developments and governmental regulations and uses every opportunity to become better qualifies in this area of responsibility.

  • Keeps the Senior Process Systems Engineer informed at all times of matters important to the cooperative, particularly where member cooperatives or other power suppliers or governmental agencies are involved.
Other Required Tasks
Performs any and all other tasks assigned by the line of supervision which the employee is physically able to perform, with or without a reasonable accommodation.

Internal Positions:

  1. Senior Process systems Engineer - Reports to, receives direction and guidance from, exchanges information with, and provides assistance to as directed.

  2. Senior Power Supply Engineer - Exchanges information with, assists and advises, and provides assistance to as directed.

  3. Senior Controls and Environmental Analyst - Exchanges information with, assists and advises, and provides assistance to as directed.
External Relationships:

  1. Other AECC personnel - works closely with on matters related to power plants, regulatory requirements, and process controls requirements of new or existing power supply facilities as directed.

  2. Other utilities - Participates in the testing of jointly-owned facilities and exchanges information.

  3. Vendors and material suppliers - Solicits quotations and information from, and purchases goods and services

  4. Professional organizations - Seeks information on pertinent subjects.
Job Specifications
A. Education:

  1. Four years of college with a BSEE preferred. Other disciplines of engineering may be acceptable depending on courses of study.

  2. Additional training in electrical, mechanical and process control design helpful.

  3. Registered Engineer-In-Training or ability to become registered based on academic record.

  4. Driver license required.
B. Experience

  1. One year of experience working with utility power generation controls system preferred.

  2. Experience with integration and programming of microprocessor based automatic controls system desirable.

C. Abilities/Skills:

  1. Attention to detail, proven mathematical ability, and the ability to read and understand schematics, plans and blueprints.

  2. Must be able to follow and give explicit job related instructions and information with attention to details.

  3. Must be able to fully investigate technical problems and effect corrective measures.

  4. Must be adaptable to the different duties which will arise and able to travel up to 10-15 days per month as required.

D. Job Knowledge:

  1. Knowledge of computer programming, numerical methods, spreadsheets and databases required.

  2. Knowledge of distributed control systems and power generation desirable.

  3. Familiarity with controls software and digital communication formats used int he process systems industry desirable.

  4. Knowledge of National Electric Safety Code helpful.

Email resumes and transcripts to employment@aecc.com. Salary is dependent upon experience and is competitive along with great benefits. Other employment opportunities are listed at www.ecark.org .

Assistant Structural Design Engineer

There is an immediate opening for Assistant Structural Design Engineer at AECC/AECI in our Transmission Design Department. Applications will be accepted from interested employees and others who meet the minimum qualifications. Applications may be turned in to Human Resources until final interviews. (Posted 6-10-2011)
JOB TITLE: Assistant Structural Design Engineer
Department: Transmission Design Division: EC&O
To provide the initiative, technical ability, and responsibility required to give AECC well-designed substation facilities.
A. Reports to: Sr. Design Engineer
B. Supervises: None
A. Provides civil & structural substation and transmission line design for AECC and member cooperatives' investment credit facilities.
B. Examines AECC's compliance with appropriate standards organizations regarding manufacturing processes, fabrication and assembly of structural components and construction requirements of civil work.
C. Orders and schedules geotechnical tests such as soil borings and compaction tests and analyzes results for conformity to AECC's specifications.
D. Procures structural steel, anchor bolts, rebar, connectors and any other equipment or hardware as required for substation and transmission line projects.
E. Assists with design for AECC's standard substation and transmission line facilities for the delivery of bulk power.
F. Examines AECC substation and transmission line facilities to provide a reliable, economical, quality and maintainable system.
G. Reviews "as built" drawings and participates in the department record updating process.
H. Witnesses certain factory fabrication and assembly processes of structural components purchased by AECC for substations and transmission lines
I. Represents AECC on various EPRI, CRN, and NRECA committees, working groups and advisory councils.
J. Prepares budget items, work orders, requests for quotations, evaluations and purchase orders.
K. Advises other staff members, power plant superintendents, AECI personnel and member cooperatives' personnel upon request of facts relating to this area of responsibility and assists them in the performance of their duties in times of need as directed by the Supervisor.
L. Solicits assistance of other staff members to perform all work within their capability.
M. Maintains contact with personnel of like responsibility in other power supply systems to exchange technical information and to cooperate in projects of mutual interest.
N. Keeps abreast of related current scientific developments and uses every opportunity to become better qualified in this area of responsibility.
0. Keeps supervisor informed at all times of matters important to the Cooperative, particularly where cooperatives or other power suppliers are involved and submits all policy decisions for advice and approval.
A. Performs any and all other tasks assigned by the line of supervision which the employee is physically able to perform, with or without a reasonable accommodation.
A. Internal Positions:
1. Sr. Design Engineer- Reports to; receives direction and guidance from; keeps informed; provides assistance as directed.
2. Department Design Engineers - Confers and cooperates with on matter related to design of substations, transmission lines and metering points.
3. Drafting Office Personnel - Confers with and seeks assistance of as necessary on matters related to this area of responsibility.
B. External Relationships:
1. Material Suppliers - Seeks information, quotations, technical specifications, tests results, and catalog literature, etc. on products. Reviews submittals.
2. Professional Organizations - Seeks information and provides information on pertinent design subjects.
3. Consulting Engineers and Distribution Cooperative Engineers - Seeks information and provides requested information as directed.
4. Member Cooperatives - Offers advice and assistance in matters relating to power supply and delivery.
5. AECI and other AECC personnel - Assists in filling requests and informs supervisor.
A. Education:
Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering preferred. Other engineering disciplines will be considered. Must have the ability to become a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Arkansas. Additional technical training helpful. Driver's license required.
B. Experience:
6 months of experience with structural and civil design with an electric utility preferred. Experience with AutoCad and Microsoft software.
C. Abilities/Skills:
Ability to read and draw electrical and mechanical symbols. Ability to read and create substation plans and specifications. Ability to operate a personal computer (PC). Must be able to innovate new designs and techniques to
improve system safety, reliability, and efficiency. Must be able to fully investigate problems and implement corrective measures.
D. Knowledge:
Knowledge of design principles related to substation and transmission line structures required. Knowledge of grounding and lightning protection for substations and transmission lines preferred. Knowledge of RUS substation and transmission line designs preferred.

Email resumes and transcripts to employment@aecc.com. Salary is dependent upon experience and is competitive along with great benefits. Other employment opportunities are listed at www.ecark.org .

Friday, June 10, 2011

Process Engineer Position - Intel

Intel D1C fab has some openings for fresh college graduates. Candidates should have recently earned PhD degree or will becompleting their Ph. D. by Fall 2011 (in Engineering / physics / chemistry with process background and research experience). Interested graduate students to send their resume to Shahidul Haque (shahidul.haque@intel.com) and he will forward it to the hiring managers. Students should include their GPA, publication list and device/fabrication related courses they have taken in their resume.

Note: We have some openings for MS students (preferably who do not need work authorization sponsorship) Please ask potential MS students to apply as well provided they have strong hands on Semiconductor process research work experience.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Entry level Electrical Engineer

SILVACO is seeking an entry level EE to fill an immediate opening in our Austin, TX location for an EDA Application Engineer/Process Design Kit Developer to support Silvaco EDA software and develop PDKs for Silvaco's customers.

Would you please pass this email along to your graduating students who might be interested in filling this position? If you feel there is a solid, trustworthy candidate seeking immediate employment, we would very much like to hear from them. Our Austin office enjoys a unique, team-spirit culture in which our employees are given every available opportunity to continue their learning experience through cross training and group projects. Each employee has the chance to become a "Company Expert" in their chosen field and gains not only technical knowledge, but enhanced diplomacy and negotiation skills as well! Learning to use their skills in support of a profitable, private company is a golden, first-step opportunity that SILVACO is ready to provide to the right candidate.

The requirements for this position are:
. Experience with schematic capture tools and spice simulation of
analog, RF, and mixed signal circuits
. Experience with Layout, DRC/LVS and parasitic extraction tools
. Full chip design cycle experience preferred
. Windows, Linux, or Solaris experience
. Experience with Cadence, Mentor or Synopsys tools is a plus
. BSEE 1+ years experience
. Must have strong communication skills and be able to explain complex
problems and solutions in a simple manner.


We look forward to hearing from you or if you feel there is someone who would better benefit from this email, would you please either forward this to them or share that information with us? Interested candidates may email their resume directly to me at mistydawn@silvaco.com

Thank you very much!

Senior AS Manager
Austin Technology Center
8820 Business Park Drive
Suite 400
Austin, TX 78759


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Electrical Engineer / Project Manager

SUMMARY: Provide services in Electrical engineering in design of electrical building systems (HVAC, plumbing, fire protection) for commercial, institutional and industrial buildings. ….(follow link for more detail)

Like many large companies these days, job applications are now accepted online from the Crafton Tull website at www.CraftonTull.com, where candidates can also learn more about our company. To apply for a job, they follow the links to Careers and Open Positions. If qualified engineers have questions they’d like to discuss with someone personally, on a pre-interview basis, they may contact David King, the Vice President of our MEP department. David is the person interviewing candidates for this position, and he does return emails. His email address is David.King@CraftonTull.com Candidates should include a phone number and best time to call, if they have questions they would like to discuss with David.

Friday, March 4, 2011

FCC Summer Internship

The FCC is offering an unpaid summer 2011 technical internship within our Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau/Communications Systems Analysis Division to graduate engineering, computer science, or other technically degreed candidates in the field of cybersecurity and communications. Below is the specific information concerning the position. We believe your engineering and computer science graduate students would make excellent candidates for this challenging position. Candidates would gain practical, relevant experience in the cybersecurity and communications field, while contributing to the work of the FCC in this area. It’s an opportunity to make a real difference in this evolving field! We seek the best and brightest to work with senior-level FCC technical and legal staff in shaping the policies, regulations, framework, and supporting technical analyses for the Nation.

Please pass along this opportunity announcement to those highly-qualified candidates and have them respond back to me ASAP if they are interested in pursuing this challenging opportunity. Applications are due by April 15, 2011. The application requirements are included in the announcement below.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on (202) 418-2478 or via email vernon.mosley@fcc.gov

I look forward to hearing from your engineering and computer science graduate students regarding this opportunity. Other internship opportunities are available at the FCC and can be found at http://www.fcc.gov/internships/positions.html by choosing the specific FCC Bureau or Office on the left-hand navigation area.


Vernon Mosley
Senior Engineer
Communications Systems Analysis Division
FCC Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau
445 12th St SW, Room 7-B443
Washington, DC 20554
(202) 418-2478

Monday, January 31, 2011

Engineering Specialist

My name is Mary Hain, Exec. Recruiter with PinPoint Solutions. I am networking within your industry to assist a top client. We are managing a search for an industry leader in motors. They are hiring a Sr. Engineering Specialist to drive their R&D and products to the next level. For more details on this search, please click here: Sr. Engineering Specialist - PinPoint Solutions.

This has been a challenging search because they really need someone strong on the academic theory and application side as well as the manufacturing side which is why I'm reaching out to the best faculty in colleges and universities with strong programs. Is there anyone that you might recommend? This would be a growth opportunity and the client will relo to the MO area. If you can't recommend anyone, would you share this with others in your sphere of influence? If you know of any other avenues I should explore in reaching these potential candidates, please let me know.

If this isn't a fit for you but you are interested in either growing your career or growing your team with new/upgraded talent, please connect with us through the links below. We look forward to helping you.

This year is shaping up to be a strong one and we wish you all the best!

Mary Hain
Sr. Executive Recruiter
PinPoint Solutions
PinPoint Solutions - Our Current Searches!

Monday, November 15, 2010

P&C Electrician - American Electric Power

P&C Electrician C - A
Date Posted: 11/15/10
Requisition Number: 7931
Job Code: 72275
City: Springdale (Dyess Substation)
State: AR
Country: United States of America
Category: Energy/Utilities
Minimum Salary: 48817.6
Midpoint Salary: 64760.8
Relocation: Yes
Perform work associated with the installation, operation, testing and maintenance of all protection, control, and measurement devices and related equipment under direct or semi-direct supervision. Install, maintain and operate all oscillographs, digital fault recorders (DFR) and event recorders. Install, maintain and operate all power line carriers (PLC), tone, pilot wire, fiber and associated communications equipment. Install, maintain and operate station SCADA systems, statistical load metering, telemetering and transducers. Respond to emergency call-outs and coordinate prompt restoration of service to customers as required. The following list sets forth the principal duties required with the degree of supervision normally given. This list is not intended to limit assignment of work or the degree of supervision under all operating conditions. Employee may perform miscellaneous, related, and incidental work in addition to that specifically outlined below.Assist in the performance of acceptance and installation tests on protection, control, and measurement devices and associated equipment in stations.Test protection, control, and electrical measuring equipment periodically and as required.Calibrate protection, control, and electrical measuring equipment on a pre-established schedule and as required.Assist with diagnosis of trouble, mis-operation, or damage of equipment and assist with corrective action to effect repair and prevent recurrence.Operate a computer device to test, calibrate, and retrieve data from protection, control, and metering devices.Assist in the installation, maintenance, and operation of all power line carriers, station SCADA, and associated communications equipment or cables as assigned. Perform switching under direct supervision of qualified personnel following direction of the proper operating authority. Assist in the installation, maintenance, and operation of any new and added equipment or systems as assigned.Maintain test equipment and automotive equipment in good working order so that work can be performed safely and efficiently anywhere throughout the System. Prepare and maintain accurate records, reports and drawings as required. Assist employees of equal or higher classification.Perform all duties in accordance with the Company’s safety rules and operating regulations, environmental compliance, and practices. Perform similar or less skilled work as assigned.

Minimum Requirements
1. Associates degree in electrical engineering technology or electronic technology or equivalent education.
2. Ability to climb ladders and work at various heights above the ground in performance of the work.
3. Must be able to distinguish colors on a standard color blindness test.
4. Must be able to lift and carry required test equipment and tools.
5. Must have the ability to read, understand and correct electrical prints and diagrams and operate tools and other equipment necessary to perform the duties of this position.
6. Must satisfactorily complete, in such time frames as may be established by the Company, the qualifications necessary to perform the duties of the next higher classification in the line of progression, or vacate the current classification.
7. Must have the ability and desire to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to perform the duties and/or responsibilities of the key job (P & C Electrician A) in this family and be qualified through demonstration, examination and/or performance appraisal as determined by the Company.
8. Must possess and maintain a valid state driver's license and must meet all vehicle operation requirements as designated by federal and/or state law.
9. Considerable travel may be required to complete work assignments.10. Successful completion of the Construction and Skilled Trades (CAST) selection test is required for this position.

A review of Employment Testing Information, Test-Taking Tips, and the CAST Practice Test may be helpful. A link to these materials may be found at AEP.com Careers by selecting Employment testing. A physical abilities assessment is also required for this position.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Entry Level Electrical Engineer

Empire District Electric, Joplin, MO, has an entry level electrical entineering position available. To be considered for an interview, students must submit resumes by November 9, through Razorback CareerLink: https://uark-csm.symplicity.com/

Friday, October 8, 2010

Electrical Engineer - Pine Bluff Arsenal

I have an electrical engineering position under the Federal Career Intern program at Pine Bluff Arsenal in the Facility Engineering group as a civilian employee of the Army.

An acceptable candidate would be a recent graduate BSEE, spring, summer, or potentially fall 2010 that had passed the EI test and had an interest in facility and utility work. The work is similar to AE design work producing contract technical data packages and work order packages for electric utilities, pyrotechnic manufacturing facilities, chemical/biological protective manufacturing, labs and administrative buildings, approximately 600 active buildings on approximately 13,000 acres. Along with the facilities, PBA owns and operates electrical substations and distribution system, as well as water, wastewater and gas utilities. A successful engineer in this position would be well placed to take advantage of opportunities in a wide range of career advancement, including manufacturing, engineering construction, process engineering, and management both program and technical.

The candidate would have be pass a physical and security check and be capable of attaining a "Secret" security classification.

The job would be well suited to a candidate that wanted to pursue professional registration for design of industrial and commercial facility, or electrical utility design, had good computer and CAD skills and was not afraid to occasionally put on a hard hat and do field survey of industrial facilities.
The facility engineering group currently employs five design professionals, two electrical, one mechanical, one civil, one architect.

If you have promising candidates feel free to have them forward resume's to me directly and we can discuss potential visits and interviews.

Ray Fish, PE
10020 Kabrich Circle
White Hall, AR 71602-9500
Ofc 870-540-3254
Cell 870-550-2638

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Group Leader - Power Electronics

Job Title: Group Leader-Power Electronics
Company Name: United Technologies Research Center
Job Location: East Hartford, CT
Reports To: Director, Systems Department
Pay Range: $125,000 to $160,000-Target $145,000 (depending on qualifications) Paid Relocation YES

Job Description:
The mission of UTRC is to create opportunities for organic growth in sales and profitability through innovation of new products and processes. UTRC is an internationally recognized organization that conducts research and development across a range of technology areas to drive the “impact through innovation” mission. UTRC provides an opportunity for collaboration and partnership with global business units and other research organizations.

The Power Electronics Group Leader will be responsible for development of staff and capability for applied research in the field of power electronics and electrical engineering. This position requires very strong teaming and communications skills, together with the ability to lead people in state-of-the-art and innovative technical developments. In this position the candidate will define, shape and execute a comprehensive roadmap for power electronics innovation aligned with UTC leadership priorities and UTC business unit technical developments. The Power Electronics Group Leader will accomplish this mission by ensuring quality execution of projects in the group, identifying and hiring people, developing and nurturing talent. Successful candidate must demonstrate the ability to effectively identify and collaborate with academic partners aligned with business unit.

• Capability and Technology Development: Develop a strategic vision for the capabilities under his/her responsibility including strategic technologies, talent development, and academic partnerships. Effectively engage with the UTRC Business Units to develop an understanding of current directions and participate in the formulation of future research. Work effectively in a multidisciplinary team environment focused on innovation and partner with leading worldwide institutions and government funding agencies to enhance existing programs, create opportunities, and assist in the acquisitions of contract awards.
• Staff competency development: Identifying competency gaps and develop plans to sustain and grow critical skills. The Group Leader plays a central role in performance reviews, individual development planning, career planning, technical mentoring, and ensuring quality of execution.
• Operations: the Group Leader is responsible for hiring, meeting financial targets, capital planning, and environmental health and safety in offices and laboratories.

Minimum of Masters degree in Electrical Engineering with at least 8-10 years experience. PhD in Electrical Engineering with at least 8 years of experience in industrial or in an academic environment preferred.

Demonstrated line management, leadership, communication, and staff development skills. Ability to provide technical and administrative reports and presentations.

Ability to work as part of a large team to achieve desired goals within schedule and budget constraints.

The candidate must have technical skills in at least one of the following topics:
· Integrated multi-physics modeling and design of variable speed drives;
· Power converters;
· Integrated alternative energy systems;
· Energy storage and electrical machines.

Expertise in one or more of the following areas is recommended: semiconductor power switches, their integration and packaging, converter topologies, design of integrated magnetic structures, control, fuel cells and batteries, renewable energy sources, electric drives, electromagnetic actuators and electric machines, electromagnetic emission and interference, and power quality.

Experience with modeling for control and hardware-in-the-loop testing is highly desired.

Summary of candidate “must haves”:
1. Masters degree in Electrical Engineering with at least 8-10 years experience OR a PhD in Electrical Engineering with at least 8 years of experience in industrial or in an academic environment.
2. Demonstrated line management, leadership, communication, and staff development skills
3. Technical expertise in power electronics and/or electrical machines.
4. Track record as technical contributor with a significant portfolio of peer reviewed and refereed publications in the field of power electronics

Candidates must be either a US Citizen or Permanent Resident (Green Card Holder)

Sincerely,Cas Hill
Hill Associates LLC183 Bayberry RoadFairfield, CT 06825Office: 203-374-6838 Cell: 203-522-2218hillassociates@optonline.net

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

AEP Engineering jobs - 2 positions

Engineer IV-I Overview Date Posted: 10/4/10 Requisition Number: 8051 Job Code: 18596 City: Tulsa State: OK Country: United States of America Category: Engineering Minimum Salary: 49108 Midpoint Salary: 89221.5 Relocation: Yes
Description: Responsible to the assigned supervisor for performing engineering work activities and projects requiring the application of engineering knowledge in a safe, effective, efficient and economic accomplishment of assigned objectives. Engineering responsibilities and job scope are specific to the organizational unit (e.g. division, section, plant, region, district, etc.). Decision making: develops decision-making skills under guidance of higher-level employees.Business awareness characteristics: develops an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the local organizational unit.Problem solving and initiative: applies basic techniques to perform analysis associated with the resolution of routine technical problems; uses initiative in looking for opportunities and presenting new ideas and new approaches.Communication skills: communicates effectively, both verbally and in writing; assists in the preparation of technical reports and papers; listens to and understands instructions, and requests clarification as required. Interpersonal skills: demonstrates the ability to be a team player; relates to people in an open, friendly, and sincere manner; sees differences in people as an opportunity. Technical expertise: possesses technical knowledge acquired from a Bachelors level engineering degree program accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET); gains familiarity with standards, codes and regulations relevant to the area of assignment; gains familiarity with pertinent equipment, materials, systems and business processes; assists higher level engineers in handling well defined portions of routine problems or analysis.Leadership and guidance: performs work activities as assigned and coached by higher level employees; demonstrates ability to work with others in both supplying information and seeking assistance as necessary; demonstrates willingness and capabilities to assume leadership roles.Planning and organization ability: prepares basic cost estimates using established standards; develops understanding of work flow of routine engineering projects; accomplishes work according to plan and schedule established by higher level employees.
Minimum Requirements: Bachelors degree in engineering (BSEE or BSEET) in a program accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). Passing the Fundamentals of Engineering examination in preparation for future licensing as a Professional Engineer (PE) is encouraged and preferred. PE licence is required for advancement to Senior Engineer. Engineering Level will be determined by skills and experience.

Engineer III - Senior
Overview Date Posted: 10/1/10 Requisition Number: 7971 Job Code: 18596 City: Fayetteville State: AR Country: United States of America Category: Energy/Utilities Job Type: Regular Minimum Salary: 55457 Midpoint Salary: 105419 Relocation: Yes
Description: Responsible to the assigned supervisor for performing engineering work activities and projects requiring the application of engineering knowledge in a safe, effective, efficient and economic accomplishment of assigned objectives. Engineering responsibilities and job scope are specific to the organizational unit (e.g. division, section, plant, region, district, etc.) and, when prepared by the business unit, are given on an addendum to this position description. The addendum must be prepared by each organizational unit. Decision making: makes routine decisions subject to review and contributes to team decision-making; knows which decisions they are authorized to make. Business awareness characteristics: demonstrates an attitude and desire to listen to and satisfy both internal and external customers who use and depend upon their organizational unit's work; applies economic analysis techniques in problem solving; pursues effective ways to protect and enhance the environment while providing reliable electricity at a competitive cost; active participation in professional and business organizations is encouraged. Problem solving and initiative: applies acquired job related technical skills to resolve the routine problems that are likely to have been identified and may be defined; actively seeks out information and understanding of engineering problems and solution techniques applicable to area of responsibility. Communication skills: communicates and presents ideas clearly; participates in the preparation of reports and technical papers; assimilates information and instructions readily.Interpersonal skills: contributes to team goals; begins networking with peers to share information and encourage cooperation; understands the agendas and perspectives of others; develops effective give-and-take relationship. Technical expertise: possesses entry level knowledge plus experience in the application of theory to solution of well-defined problems or analysis, with guidance from higher level engineers; assists higher level engineers in handling well defined portions of more complex problems or analysis; exhibits fundamental understanding of pertinent equipment, materials, systems and business processes; exhibits fundamental understanding of standards, codes and regulations relevant to the area of assignment. Leadership and guidance: coordinates work activities of others as required to resolve routine engineering tasks.; performs certain ongoing activities in accordance with established procedures with minimum direction from higher level employees; demonstrates working knowledge of appropriate policies and procedures; however, activities are generally monitored by higher level employees to ensure work is performed in accordance with established guidelines. Planning and organization ability: prepares cost estimates for the routine engineering work.; provides input to routine project planning documents related to scheduling and understands the use of scheduling techniques (CPM, PERT, flow charts, etc.) for budget and planning activities; monitors project status and recommends action accordingly.
Minimum Requirements: Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering in a program accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). [Acceptable alternatives are (1) a Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering (non-ABET), plus a Professional Engineers (PE) license in any state of the U.S. or (2) a Bachelor's degree in engineering (non-ABET) independently evaluated and found to be equivalent to an engineering degree awarded by a regionally accredited college or university in the U.S.] Passing the Fundamentals of Engineering examination in preparation for future licensing as a Professional Engineer (PE) is encouraged and preferred.Must have at least 3 years experience in the electric utility industry.

Mark C. Mobley, PEAEP-SWEPCO
101 W. Township
Fayetteville, AR 72703
479-530-3649 cell
8-709-2417 (internal)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Manufacturing Oversight Job in North East Arkansas


I am recruiting for a great company in NE Arkansas that has a need for a degreed individual in either mechanical or electrical engineering with no more than four years of experience.  Super for recent grad!  Do you know anyone who might be interested?  Thanks for your time!

Details include:

Become proficient in the manufacturing processes.  Assist machine operators with special orders.  Become project manager for manufacturing programs that optimize key measurable of the company, such as on-time performance, scrap, productivity, safety, or quality. 

Duties and Responsibilities

1.      Project and continuous improvement.  Become project manager for programs that optimize key measurable working with teams to enhance measurables.  Assigned to a troubled work center for a period of time to concentrate on improvements.

2.      Scheduling.  Become familiar with scheduling operations sufficient to understand the work center loading and its relevance to any improvements.

3.      Machine operation.  Learn how to operate a mill and taping machines representing the core operations at the facility ensuring the knowledge to implement optimization programs for quality, productivity, and safety of processes and products.

4.      Safety.  Supports company safety objectives by promoting safety awareness and watching for and correcting unsafe work practices.

5.      Other duties.  Follows any other job-related instructions and performs any other special projects requested by management.

Position Specifications

Bachelor's degree in Engineering Mechanical or Electrical 
0 to Four (4) years of industrial experience.
Windows based word processing applications and spreadsheets; Microsoft Office preferred.
Mechanical aptitude and ability to use basic hand tools, report writing, telephone and communication skills.
Infrequent travel up to 2-3 days/month.


Ability to use the following equipment
Various hand tools including wrenches, pliers, and bolt cutters.  Material handling equipment including forklifts, hand trucks, and hoists.

Micrometer.  Office equipment including a telephone, calculator, personal computer, copier, and fax machine.

Regards,  Beth
Beth Christoffel
Stearns Group
Direct –  941.918.0929
Mobile – 941.544.8789
Toll free - 866-592-4901



Monday, October 22, 2007

Electrical/Electronics Engineer for McKee Foods Corporation

McKee Foods Corporation, makers of Little Debbie Snack Cakes, is

accepting applications for the following position:


Electrical/Electronics Engineer

·         Four-year electrical/electronic engineering degree from an ABET accredited program

·         Three to five years related engineering experience – Perhaps as an intern

·         Ability to design, install and start up PLC-based control systems

·         Understanding of computers and software (PLC, HMI and CAD documentation)

·         Understanding of the mechanical operation of manufacturing equipment

·         Demonstrated ability to organize and prioritize multiple project activities and resources


Applicants Must Also Meet the Following Criteria:

·         Positive human relations skills

·         Excellent communication skills

·         Verifiable and stable work history

·         Must pass our required drug screen (evasion-proof hair analysis utilized)

·         Willing to work evening or night shift for business needs


McKee Foods Corporation is a family-owned business driven by high ethical standards and values. We Offer:

  • Excellent benefits, including medical, dental, 401(k), profit-sharing and a new state-of-the-art fitness center
  • A work environment that is clean, safe and tobacco-free
  • Promotion opportunities for high performers


Apply in person or send resume to:

McKee Foods Corporation

P.O. Box 39

555 McKee Drive

Gentry, AR  72734

Send email resume to:



Applications are accepted Monday-Thursday 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Friday 6:00 a.m. to 12 noon. Applications may be picked up after business hours from Security. They must be returned by the applicant during regular business hours. Applications mailed will not be accepted.


McKee Foods is an Equal Opportunity Employer





Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ceramatec: Ceramic Manufacturing Engineer

The Ceramic Manufacturing Engineer’s responsibility will be to fabricate ceramic structures for electrochemical applications. The candidate will be responsible for development of processes to build multi-layer ceramics using thick-film technology such as tape casting, laser cutting, die punching and lamination. 


Candidate will be involved with all aspects of the process from development, improvement and maintenance, and will use statistical process control techniques routinely.  Candidate will be required to prepare and submit project reports and proposals; interface with the device testing team, manage technical milestones/schedules. This candidate may manage processing and development technicians.  The candidate will be responsible for setting up new equipment and qualifying it for manufacturing use.


Education requirements and experience: MS degree in Chemical Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science/Engineering, Ceramic Engineering and/or Manufacturing Engineering with 2 to 3 years of relevant experience or a BS degree in the same fields with 3+ years of relevant experience.  Require solid understanding of ceramic/materials processing.  Experience with tape casting process development, multilayered ceramic design/fabrication and materials science principles is strongly desired. Computer literacy is required as well as practicing knowledge in one or more common computer programming languages. 


The candidate should have demonstrated technical and managerial skills related to one or more of the following fields:

·         Engineering Material Properties, building of Ceramic Structures. 

·         Process Design and Optimization. Excellent Analysis and Problem Solving Skills

·         Design and Fabrication of Ceramic and equipment design

·         Tooling Design and Drafting

·         Tape Casting, Laser Cutting, Lamination and Sintering Processes

·         Experience with microscopy & material testing

·         Experience with Data Analysis, Experimental Design, Statistical Process Control.


Excellent communication, organizational, documentation, presentation skills required. 


Submit your resume to:  Ceramatec, Inc. (Reference NH/BN110106)

 2425 South 900 West, Salt Lake City, Utah 84119

 Phone: (801) 972-2455

 Fax: (801) 972-1925

 E-mail hr@ceramatec.com 


Visit our website for more details www.ceramatec.com



Equal Employment and Affirmative Action Employer.  Drug and Alcohol Testing for Drug-Free Workplace Required.  Statements included in this description are intended to reflect, in general, the duties and responsibilities of this position

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Alltel's Executive Engineering Mentoring Program

Alltel is recruiting students for our Electrical Engineering Mentoring Program in Little Rock: full-time employment begins in January and/or June 2007. We seek to fill these positions with the best and brightest Engineering students from the University of Arkansas. I have included a brief job description below:


In our Engineering leadership program, we place new graduates into key areas of our organization. In general, the experiences are designed for you to have first-hand encounters with our customers, employees and processes. During each learning phase, you will have the chance to network and establish relationships with peers and other leaders through tasks that will be evaluated during the learning opportunities and complemented with individual feedback from the program managers.

Engineering provides a technically advanced, cost-effective network capable of providing a robust suite of communications services to our customers. Most engineering functions within Alltel fall into one or more of the following categories: Cellular Radio System Design, Transmission & Switching System Design, Network Planning, Product Development, Project Management and Network Operations.



• BS or MS in Electrical, Electronics or Computer Engineering

• GPA of 3.0 or above preferred

• Specific course work related to telecommunications is a plus

• Will consider related majors, such as Industrial Engineering, Systems Engineering, Computer Science or Physics



• Team player with strong project management, leadership and organizational skills

• The ability to prioritize and meet deadlines, as well as take initiative and work with minimal supervision

• Possess excellent problem-solving skills; ability to motivate and supervise others; ability to suggest process improvements and adapt to change; must be a self-starter

• Computer literacy (Microsoft Office: Word and Excel); verbal and written communication skills; research abilities

• Relocatable to various locations in the United States

• GPA of 3.0 or above preferred

• Permanent U.S. Work Authorization


If you are an interested student, please apply through eRecruiting for the position. The pre-select deadline is Friday, 21 September.  Alltel representatives will be on campus Tuesday, 25 September at the Engineering Expo and at an information session from 4:30pm to 5:30pm on the second floor of Walker Hall.  We will interview the following day, Wednesday, 26 September.


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Inside Sales Engineer for Carrier/United Technologies Corporation

COMPANY NAME: Carrier/United Technologies Corporation


3700 W. 65th St.

Little Rock, AR 72209

CONTACT PERSON/TITLE: Rick Center / Arkansas Market Manager

CONTACT PHONE #: 501-912-8238

CONTACT FAX #: 860-998-1284

CONTACT E-MAIL: rick.center@carrier.utc.com

COMPANY WEBSITE: www.carrier.com

JOB TITLE: Inside Sales Engineer



· Supports the Commercial Sales organization by providing technical support to customers and selling products and services, typically via the telephone or online orders.

· Review building drawings and engineer's specifications to determine the best Carrier equipment package to meet customers' needs. Develop sales proposals/quotes for based on equipment selections.

· Seeks new business opportunities by responding to routine sales leads from Sales Engineers, Sales Reps, or Sales Managers. Work with consulting engineers, owners and contractors to drive specifications and preferences for Carrier equipment.

· Supports Sales Engineers and Managers with new accounts, existing accounts and introduction of new products.



· BA/BS Degree (ME, EE preferred)

· Must be results-oriented

· Must be team oriented

· Ability to work in a fast pace environment

· Ability to pay close attention to detail

· Must possess excellent organizational skills

· 2-5 years of HVAC experience or knowledge of HVAC designs

· Exceptional communication skills

· Proficient in Microsoft Office applications



Competitive Salary plus Quarterly Bonuses; Excellent Benefits: Medical/Dental/Life Insurance, 401k w/ Matching Contributions, Profit Sharing